About Envisioning Baucis

Envisioning Baucis is an entry for the Europan 11 Almere location. The assignment was to design an unusual and unique building that can first serve as an eye catching information centre or cultural pavilion and can subsequently be “reused” as a detached house in the wood. This building should therefore be demountable. A building on piles is envisaged. The timber used should be sourced locally as far as this is possible. The study assignment is a landscape design for the already existent woods with extra focus on the new water system to be constructed and, in particular, the way in which the “woodlands” in this wood can be developed.

Envisioning Baucis was designed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of:

Olaf Janson MSc, architect
Joost Maatkamp MSc, architect
Rens Wijnakker MSc, landscape architect
Koen Looman BSc, building engineer

Envisioning Baucis got awarded with the runner-up prize.

“Envisioning Baucis is a well-balanced, well-considered and practicable design. Owing to the distinct form it provides the icon that the clients requested. The fact that this form was achieved by “adapting” the archetypal house is rather obvious, but in this case also effective. As a pavilion this building can fulfil several functions, as a house it also has the advantage that the private external space is in the form of an internal terrace that does not encroach on the woodland. The grid of the urban development plan shows respect for the landscape.” – taken from the jury report

About Europan:

Europan is a European competition of ideas for young spatial designers. With this competition Europan aims to give form to a Europe in which young and highly-promising designers can contribute to innovations in the field of spatial design. Read more about Europan »